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'The author has that special quality which just jumps off the page. The voice is strong and the sense of place so powerful.'

James Bradley
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    'Apple Suite' (Island magazine, 161)

    Once upon a time in Tasmania's beautiful Huon Valley, people threw mattresses in the backs of their utes, grabbed some friends, and drove around the district taking in the apple blossom. Men skipped church and went instead to Gus Brown's version of Sunday School, and girls who could tell a Jubilee from a Geeveston Fanny were in the running to be crowned Apple Queen. The 'If These Halls Could Talk' project, part of Tasmania's Ten Days on the Island Festival, challenged ten writers to investigate the secrets of ten community halls, from Liffey to Zeehan, St Helens to New Norfolk. All the stories, including 'Apple Suite', Danielle's exploration of the Glen Huon Hall and surrounds, appeared in Island magazine 161. (Picture supplied by 1953 Apple Queen, Valda Woolley)

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PR Don Weston Pedder beach 2.jpg Work-in-progress

In the winter of 1972, Lake Pedder drowned. A jewel of Tasmania's southwest wilderness, the lake – along with its iconic pink sand beach – was inundated as part of a hydro-electric scheme. The fight to save the lake attracted worldwide attention and gave rise to the first green political party in the world. Danielle's current project, 'Pink Sand', is a novel-in-progress exploring the human history of Lake Pedder – a place that lives on in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate enough to see it, and those who can only imagine its beauty. (Picture credit: Don Weston)