Wild Apples Manuscript

20 June 2022

To date, all Minnie's books have been produced as physical, paper-and-ink books. But her newest work – the hot-off-the-keyboard novella Wild Apples – will come to you as an audiobook only. Destined for Audible's 'Originals' catalogue, Wild Apples will be available to listeners in early 2023.

The novella is set in the township of Lovett, a parallel-universe version of the Tasmanian hamlet of Cygnet. (Fun fact 1: for a period of its history, Cygnet was actually called Lovett.) It's the story of Jane Bancroft, mother of teenage firebrand, Scarlet, and daughter of the Lovett-born 'Apple Queen' - Thea. (Fun fact 2: once upon a time, the 'Apple Queen' was crowned each year during the harvest festivities of the Huon Valley.)

Being Scarlet's mother, and Thea's daughter, is – for Jane – pretty much a full-time job. Between her mother's bitter complaints and her daughter's wild escapades, there's not much space left for Jane. When you're stuck in the middle of a demanding intergenerational sandwich, she wonders, is it even possible to find time for love? Wild Apples has the answer.