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8 June 2021

Although primarily aimed at women in their twenties, there's a lot in Tara Schuster's impassioned self-help book that's still relevant to those of us living to the north of that age bracket. Above all, Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies is a book about self-care, and perhaps it's most valuable gift is the idea that you really are worth it – the lilies, the nice table napkins, the top-shelf stationery. In forthright, funny and confiding chapters, Schuster steps her reader through her journey of 're-parenting' herself in the wake of a chaotic childhood. But while the author herself felt she had a lot to make up for, even those of us lucky enough to have been well-parented can use a reminder, from time to time, that the enjoyment of life is a pursuit worth prioritising, and that we really ought to treat ourselves at least as well as we treat others. I loved spending time with Tara Schuster. And I thank her for giving me permission to buy the Rose Quartz Bath Soak, the Hazelnut Capuccino candle and the French Breakfast teabags (they come in little hand-tied muslin bags!) by Mariage Freres...

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